Apollo Temple

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Didim City Centre

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Altınkum Beach

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Bodrum Airport

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İzmir Airport

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Didyma generously presents the remains of thousands of years to its guests with the temple of Apollon, the Medusa head the ancient city of Pirene and many other monuments.

Didyma is an outstanding destination with wonderful attractions,fascinating history and the beautiful Aegean Sea with its , sparkling Aegean beaches.

Didim is located in Aydın province, 75 km away from Kusadasi, 90 km from Bodrum, 142 km from İzmir Airport, 84 km from Bodrum Airport and 54 km from Söke Shopping Center. In addition to Didyma geographical location, the ancient city is 30 km to Milet, 47 km to Priene, 31 km to Bafa Lake, 44 km to Herakleitos, 90 km to Temple of Artemis, 90 km to Ephesus Antique City, 39 km, Karinna 44 km , 25 km to Kazıklı Village and 10 km to Poseidon altar. It has 53 km of beach coast and dozens of bays. The most important of these bays is the world famous Altinkum, which is where our hotel located. There is an architecturally twin Apollon Temple of Artemis Temple, one of the seven wonders of the world, in Didim, which is rich in historical texture.


A sacred road, paved with stones was built stretching from Didyma to Miletus and it was covered in four days of walking by those who wanted to visit the temple of Apollo or to appeal to the oracle. On both sides of this sacred road, there were marble statues of Brankhids sitting. Twelve statues of these very famous examples of archaic art, namely 8 men, two women and two lion statues were taken to the British Museum by C.N. Newton in 1858. Another group almost the same In numbers, found later, today decorate Louvre, Berlin and Istanbul Archaeological Museums.

Four smaller samples are to be found in Miletus Museum. The archaic Didyma temple was completely destroyed during the Persian attacks to 494 B.C., Its treasures plundered, and the valuable Apollo statue, was taken to Ekbatan. The remains of the temple we see today are the remains of the building which was constructed on a larger scale during the reign of Alexander the great and during the Hellenistic period. Seleukos, one of the commanders of Alexander, had even returned the Apollo statue which was taken to Ekbatan to its original abode. The length of the new temple was 60 meters, its height 118 meters; it rises on a platform surrounded in all directions with seven steps. Around the temple were 124 Ionic columns 19.70 meters high, in two rows; 13 large steps lead to the front from where one enters the front hall with 12 octagonal columns whose bases are ornamented, 10 of which belong to the Hellenistic, and two to the Roman periods. Behind the front hall, there is the oracle room 1,5 meters higher than the front hall.


Altınkum is one of the most popular beach places in Didim, with the coasts that keep themselves clean because of the waves are flowing to the sea, not to the land. Bodrum can be seen from the coast of Altinkum even with naked eye. Altinkum is ideal for windsurfing, canoeing and all other water sports. In Altinkum, boat tours are organized to introduce the Altınkum sea and its surroundings to the visitors. Tekne tours are made by visiting 4-5 bays according to Cennet Island, Fairy Island and etc. During the boat trips, you can enjoy the sea at breaks given at every bay. Courses that provide padi licenses are organized in diving schools. After the preparatory courses that start in the pool, the trainees continue on the diving courses on the openings of Cennet Island. Life in Altinkum is not limited to only summer season, there are many businesses that serve in the winter (restaurants, tea gardens, disco, bar etc ..) Transportation within the city can be done by public minibuses and taxi. There is Turkey’s 2nd largest marina in Altınkum,Didim. This port serves many international yachts and boats. Altinkum has many accommodation facilities ranging from pantry to star hotels that respond to the needs of the accommodation industry.